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Statin Nation continues to help people to make informed decisions about cholesterol and statin medications. However, there are hours of additional interview footage that we could not include in the feature films.

The experts who were interviewed for Statin Nation do not often get the opportunity for their voices to be heard - the airways are almost entirely dominated by the pharmaceutical companies viewpoint. Statin Nation provided a rare opportunity to get the other side of the story in detail. Now this opportunity is being extended even further with previously unseen footage.

Heart disease is still the leading cause of death worldwide and people should be equipped with as much information as possible about statins and about the real causes of heart disease.

Statin Nation interviewed the doctors and researchers who have been working for decades to expose the issues surrounding cholesterol. This new package now includes previously unseen video footage from these interviews. And also includes a full transcript of Statin Nation and Statin Nation II. All files are available now to stream and download immediately!

The additional interviews cover a range of subjects including:

  • Benefits of high cholesterol

  • Real causes of heart disease

  • Statin adverse effects

  • Medical corruption

  • Familial hypercholesterolema

  • Causes of obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Risks associated with high blood glucose

  • Accuracy of the risk based approach

Stream and Download all 21 additional videos

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Includes full transcripts for Statin Nation and Statin Nation II

Includes full transcripts for Statin Nation and Statin Nation II

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18 World Renowned Experts Are Included in Statin Nation I and II

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all files are also now provided in audio (mp3) format

Ideal if you're short on time or you want to listen on the move..


The Complete Package includes both Statin Nation and Statin Nation II. The extras package is for anyone who already owns the Statin Nation films. After ordering you will immediately receive your pass code for accessing the content.